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Have you benchmarked fees and services to the market?  Would your organization survive a DoL audit or lawsuit?  McCann Consulting Group, LLC (MCG) and our partners bring experience and depth of resources to your organization so you can help your employees and executives plan for retirement. We provide the specialization you need to address all aspects of employee retirement plans, investments, legislation, compliance, cost control, reporting requirements, ethics and more. You’ll create a stronger organizational culture while helping employees plan their future, so they don’t have to “retire at their desks.” Everyone wins.
What is your strategy for ensuring that your organization is as healthy, sustainable and competitive as it can be?   Have you conducted a Total Rewards analysis ?  MCG and our partners will help you manage change and simplify workforce planning with a strategic, innovative approach to benefits and compensation rewards. Our Health & Welfare Consulting team will help you design, implement and manage a cost-effective benefits program that is structured to reduce costs, improve workforce productivity, educate employees, mitigate risk and help you attract, retain and develop top talent.
Are your employees receiving the direction they need to prepare for retirement?   Do you know your Retirement Readinesss Score as an organization?  Delayed retirement and financial stress have a negative impact on your bottom line in terms of health insurance claims, workers comp claims, disability claims, productivity, higher wages, and more.  Online advice tools and generic retirement education campaigns may not be getting the job done.  MCG and our partners offer technology and a unique delivery method to help drive the employee outcomes you are looking for. 
Private Benefits Exchange
340B Drug Pricing Program
HR Specialty Products & Services
Intrigued by all of the noise in the marketplace and in the news concerning private exchanges?   Confused about what a private exchange is and how they operate?    MCG and our partners realize  the first step is to educate our clients on what a private exchange is and determine if it aligns with your organization's strategic goals.  In its purest sense, a private exchange is a marketplace that empowers employees to take control of their healthcare. If done correctly, a private exchange provides:
  • Predictable benefits costs for the employer
  • Greater employee choice
  • Increased employee engagement
Are you bombarded with voicemails and emails from vendors?  Are you lacking the time needed to identify services that could truly help your oganization?   MCG has partnered with the only known aggregator of HR-wide specialty solutions in the world.  We can locate, validate, and accelerate HR innovation solutions customized for your organization and budget.  7+ years experience and $7 million+  invested in aggregating 400 potential solutions covering all areas of HR.
If you have an HR related issue and need fresh ideas that deliver results, we have a customized solution awating you.
Not sure if you are a 340B eligible healthcare entity or confused about how this program works?  Concerned about 340B audits and the impact of  HRSA's Mega Guidance?   Uncertain if your fees are appropriate or if you are not maximizing the financial benefits?   The 340B Drug Pricing Program is time consuming and complex, but the benefit to your facility and community are well worth the effort! MCG and our partners take the burden off your Pharmacy Manager or CFO and work with you to get the job done in the shortest time possible. We have experience with unique communities, patient bases, and pharmacy contracts from across the nation. You manage your hospital – we will manage your 340B.